Melbourne 2017 Donated Philatelic Lots Auction

The Organising Committee sought donations of philatelic items from collectors and others to be sold at a Phoenix Auctions sale on 29 March. The money raised will be used to offset some of the costs associated with the exhibition.

The centrepiece of the lots was very kindly donated by Australia Post. It comprises four Kangaroo & Map stamps from the CoA watermark series being the 5s., 10s., £1 & £2 mint single stamps. Each stamp is unmounted mint and was chosen for its centering, and in total representing around $10,000 in value.

In addition, a wide variety of stamps and covers was donated by philatelists across Australia. The organising committee of Melbourne 2017 would like to thank all of the following for their generous support of the exhibition:

Australia Post
Mark Diserio
Derek Pocock
Derek Pocock
Peter Allan
Bruce Chadderton

John Gibson
Nancy Gray
Michael Blake
Tom Frommer
Dingle Smith
Andrew Alwast
Darryl Fuller
Ray Todd
Glen Stafford
Gary Brown
Colin Beech
Nick Cutajar
Charles Bromser

Auction Lots donated by Australia Post – All Mint, unhinged single stamps

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