Royalpex 125

Royalpex 125

A special feature of Melbourne 2017 Stamp & Coin Show is “Royalpex 125”, a non-competitive exhibition involving at least 200 frames reserved for exhibits/displays of The Royal Philatelic Society of Victoria.
It is important to note that the exhibits/displays for Royalpex 125 will not be judged, this is an exhibition to show the range of collective interests by members of The Royal Philatelic Society of Victoria.
The occasion marks the Society’s 125th anniversary and continues a tradition of non-competitive exhibits/displays for the RPSV’s centenary (1992) and 75th anniversary (1967).


Frame fees: $A40.00 per frame.
No of frames: 1 to 8 frames.
If space allows a member may apply for more than 1 non-competitive exhibit/display.
Entries Close 31st December 2016.

Download Royalpex 2017 entry form
Could you please send all entry forms to on or .
If you would like to mail your entry form please send it Frank Pauer, PO Box 2066 Bayswater VIC 3153 by 31st December 2016.

Royalpex 125 Entries

R11151 - 1159BOYLAN RussellSt. Vincent - The De La Rue Period
R21160 - 1164BROWN GarySouth Africa Revenues - 1st Issue
R31165BRECKON RichardInterchangeable usage of Australian States stamps 1910-1913
R41166BURT KevinThe introduction of registration labels to Australia
R51167 -1169CLARK BillEmblems issue of Victoria 1857-1963
R61170 - 1183DIFFEN GaryErrors of the Australian Colonies/States and the History of their discovery
R71184 - 1195DIFFEN GaryThe carriage of mail from the Australian Colonies to 1891
R81196DISERIO MarkQEII Pre-decimal postcards (Australia)
R91197 - 1199DU GUESCLIN HubertFlying boat mails and Australia after 1945
R101200EDWARDS LintonThe Engraved Stamps of Australia 1913-1914
R111201 - 1210ELLIOT RogerGeorge V Postal Stationery of Australia and its usage
R121211 - 1215FIGG David"Strike a light"
R131216 - 1218GALLAGHER TedANZAC Anniversaries
R141219GRIFFIN TonyLetter rates in Papua - 1916 to 1932
R151220 - 1227GROOM MalcolmTasmanian Pictorials 1899-1912
R161128 - 1230JENKINS BillVictorian goldfields North Western
R171231 - 1232KEAST KevinThe sixpenny woodblock (1854-1861)
R181233 - 1235KELLOW GeoffreyThe 2/- stamp duty of Victoria, 1885-1907
R191236ALEXANDER PeterNorth West Pacific Islands [NWPI]
R201237SINFIELD JohnCancer Levy Stamps of Panama 1939 - 1950
R211238 - 1239LEITCH PeterKouang -Tcheou-Wan A French colony in China
R221240LOWER HarrySouth Australia's Penny Reds
R231241LOWER HarryCentenary of South Australia's first postage stamps, 1955
R241242 - 1244LYON AnthonyNew Zealand Postal Stationery postcards 1876-1901
R251245 - 1249MCWHA MarkVictoria - Barred numeral cancellations on cover and postal stationery
R261250MILANA VitoWar loan bond and liberty loan cinderellas: Australia 1917-1918
R271251NGU HaoWas life created?
R281252 - 1256PAUER FrankAustralian "Official Post Office" First Day Covers 1932-1970
R291257PEACE BrianThe first hand stamps of Adelaide and Port Adelaide
R301258 - 1259RPSV INC.Aspects of the RPSV Forgery Collection
R311260 - 1264SADLER IanJapanese conquest and defeat in World War II
R321265 - 1268SAEFTEL JuegenTattersall Entry
R331269SHATTEN AllenTasmania - 1d QV Postcard
R341270SHAW JimNew Zealand "Letter Carrier" instructional markings - Curiosities of New Zealand postal system
R351271 - 1272SHAW JimNew Zealand 1900 Boer War 1 ½d commemorative 1900 to 1908 issue and study
R361273SHAW JimNew Zealand "Masters of Salvage" - Patched, repaired and mixed perfs study
R371274SHAW JimNew Zealand Chalon "Overlaps" Study - 1855 to 1862 - "Overlaps by design"
R381275SHAW JimVictoria ½d bantam stamp - A study and usage
R391276SHAW JimNew Zealand 1903 Express Delivery issue (Study of stamps and usage)
R401277 - 1278SHAW JimSome of my favourite things in Philately
R411279 - 1280SHAW JimNew Zealand paper folds, pleates and creases
R421281SHAW JimNew Zealand 4d 1960 Pictorial stamp study (Chalky paper)
R431282SHAW JimNew Zealand 1d 1898 Pictorial - Study and usage
R441283SHAWLEY JohnMauritius the 1859 Dandenne issue
R451284SHAWLEY JohnMauritius outgoing mail rates 1875-1883
R451285SHAWLEY JohnNyasaland stamps and postal history
R471286 - 1287TURNER RussellVictoria - The £5 fee stamp
R481288 - 1292WALKER MartinAir Mails of South Australia to 1939
R491293 - 1300WATSON GaryCommonwealth of Australia: Penny overseas rates
R501301WOOD RossThe Czechoslovakia 1930 Airmail issue

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